3 Ways To Create Online Network Marketing Leads For Free

You can always generate more leads for your online business.

It’s always more! Only one problem…They are able to suck, continue?

Before you start making money, make sure to drain all your profits. It’s important to know that if your budget is less than 500 dollars a year, it’s necessary to search for methods of advertising which are free.

That brings me to the reason I am writing this article. For many years I have worked in online networking marketing

It’s a fact that I generate a lot of leads using my free marketing strategies.

Then I can keep more of my profits when growing my business.

The following methods have been incredibly effective in helping me generate leads for either my online network-marketing business, or other industries I am involved with.

Nothing will work, not even the free ways of marketing.

1. Twitter is the “must do” website of today. My home business and Network Marketing forums are where I get anywhere between 15-20 leads every day. Find the people that are active on Twitter. Add them and their first five pages. Then I send a message of trust to authentic messages that I have received. I ignore the product pitchers. I will then queue 10 to fifteen messages of valuable content per day. Just that!! …. A Piece of Cake!!

2. Linkedin, a website that is “yet undiscovered”, was only discovered a few months ago. On this site, the average income is around 106k dollars a year. There are also people who have posted on their profiles they are seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. As I am short on time, I cannot tell you what I did to convert them to leads. However, I will mention that, as long you are adding value to your prospects’ lives, and solving their problems, they eventually want to know “what you do?”

3. Many people do not like to film videos, because it is too time consuming. With all of the “make cash scams” that are out there today, it is important to distinguish yourself by getting in front on a video camera. The first thing I do is to choose a book or product to review. Or if it’s a top earner, i will find out about them. It is then that I list the 10 top questions and answers people might have. A video will be made for each. I’m usually able pop them all out in an hour. They can click on my link for further information in the video.

How simple is that? Doing business with you shouldn’t prove difficult. Free advertising will require many days to stack up for weeks, before any result is seen.

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