A Guide to Buying the Right Catering Equipment

Catering is a highly competitive business and every kitchen requires reliable equipment to cook food in a timely and safe manner. Commercial kitchens today are more demanding, and they require high-quality equipment that can withstand constant use – helpful hints. You should know what equipment you should buy if you’re buying commercial kitchen equipment for the first time. This will allow you to offer the best culinary service and expertise to your customers and guests every day.

Refrigeration units

Refrigeration is the heart of any commercial kitchen. It is responsible for maintaining food at the right temperature before and during preparation. Refrigerators and freezers of high quality are essential equipment for catering. They provide the capacity and performance that is required for daily use. Reach-in freezers and refrigerators make it easy to access foods that have been stored for later. Refrigerators and under-counter freezers make it simple to store food on the kitchen counter. Beverage coolers ensure drinks stay chilled and are ready for consumption at the right temperature.

Preparation equipment

The second most important aspect when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment is preparation equipment. You will need a variety of equipment to make sauces, soups, and to saute food. Chefs use a solid cooktop to grill or char meats. Grils are used often to make crepes, and other international cuisines. Modern kitchen equipment is available for gas or electric use.

Commercial fryers

Restaurants, caterers, and hospitals that offer a wide range of meals need to be able to fry food. Commercial fryers are a popular kitchen and catering item. To meet growing food preparation needs, these devices can be sold individually or in double or triple units. High quality fryers make it easy to cook frozen foods to perfection.

Mixers, blenders, and food warmers are all useful kitchen equipment for the preparation of food. Popular catering equipment, commercial mixers can take large quantities of flour or liquids. Blenders that can withstand heavy use are indispensable for creating sauces, marinades, and stocks.

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