Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans is a killer combination

Skinny jeans and ankle boots are two items that go together perfectly. Boots with a short heel height and a slim ankle fit complement each other beautifully. The hems of skinny jeans will not hide your cute ankle boot below, since they are shorter. For a more pulled-together appearance, you can tuck in the bottom of the jeans to the top of your boots. Wear skinny jeans with ankle boots through fall and winter as the temperatures begin to drop. See Botines for get more info

How to Choose the Perfect Skinny Jeans

Any body type or size can look great in skinny jeans. It’s important to choose jeans that are the right size. It is important that the jeans hug your leg but are not so tight as to pinch your thighs or hips, or cause unflattering bulges. The best jeans are those with plenty of stretch, because they move along with your body and don’t pinch. Most people look better in dark colors like black or deep blue.

How to Choose the Ankle Boots

Wear ankle boots in the same color as your jeans to give your legs a super-long appearance. Wear black boots, for example. By tucking the jeans inside the boots you can make your legs appear longer.

Choose a pattern that is funky or an contrasting colour to draw attention to the boots. Try a pair animal-print boots with your black jeans or try a vibrant shade of blue. Keep the outfit neutral and calm since the boots have a loud and bold color.

With skinny jeans, almost any style of ankle boot looks good. Try lace up ankle boots, or try ones with zippers on the back. Style of boots will determine whether you dress up or down. For a casual, relaxed look, flat boots are perfect. Try a pair high-heeled boots to dress up your look for a night out.

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