Astral Projection: Crystals and gemstones

Gemstones are the jewels of the planet, related site. They bring light and color to the hands, necks, ears, and necks of people across the globe. But gemstones and crystals have more to their value than a beautiful pendant. They are healing stones that can promote healing and growth, restore harmony and protect against negativity. Each stone has a message, a purpose, and its energy and vibration nurtures a certain aspect of your life.

Certain gemstones can make astral projection easier and more natural for those who practice it. You can arrange the stones in various ways. The healing properties of gemstones can be obtained without the need to wear jewelry. Many people prefer the stone as it is when they are used for their metaphysical properties.

Tourmalinated Crystal A clear quartz crystal is interwoven or threaded with black tourmaline crystals. It is a beautiful gemstone that combines the spiritual powers of each gemstone. This stone has remarkable healing and protection abilities. The tourmaline helps to purify the energy around it and dissolves negativity. While the quartz amplifies its effect, the quartz also aids in this process. This stone is good for protection and fear elimination. It can also facilitate astral travel. The third eye chakra is where awakening and enlightenment takes place. Therefore, a tourmalinated crystal can be kept nearby for meditation or rest to facilitate out-of-body experiences that are mystical and amazing.

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