Built-In features for Church and Ministry Applications

An app that encourages engagement within a community or congregation can be a great way to boost fundraising and volunteer outreach. Church Helper has a mobile app creator that allows you to connect with your congregation, discover more.

Everyone nowadays has a smartphone app. Unfortunately, the cost to create a custom app for your church can be prohibitive. However, Church Helper’s church application builder can be used to create your app without the need for any prior experience or assistance from church app designers.

Facebook Sharing

This social sharing option allows church members or users of your app to spread the word about your message through social media. They can also share blog entries or sermons that they have read from the app.


The contact feature of the church app is an essential part. This feature allows app users the ability to contact church members from anywhere. This feature creates a faithful and dedicated community.


The calendar allows you to quickly organize any upcoming events, such a special mass or practice for the church choir. This can lead to increased attendance in the church.


Blogs are an amazing addition to this program. A church blog provides a unique way to express your thoughts, biblical passages, as well as new information about church activities.

Notifications via Push

Push notifications are one the most crucial components of any software. You can send messages for sermons.

Ad Analytics

App analytics will help you improve your app, allowing users to have the best experience possible while also increasing its reach.

Voting and Survey

Send your users surveys and polls to learn more about the app. Your services and community can be improved by incorporating customer feedback.

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