Carpet Cleaning: Selecting The Right Method

The choice of a method for carpet cleaning can be confusing important site. Every retailer, salesperson, or carpet cleaner may recommend a different carpet cleaning method. The carpet industry recognizes 5 carpet cleaning methods. These methods include the use of dry absorbent compounds, dry foams, hot water extractions, rotary brushes, and even rotary shampoo. You should contact the carpet maker to determine which one of these five cleaning methods is recommended. Many manufacturers offer various warranties which could be voided with the use of an incorrect cleaning method.

The question “How frequently should carpets cleaned?” is one that consumers often ask. Homeowners should clean their carpets at least once every 12-18months. The carpet should be cleaned before it looks dirty. The majority of soil has razor sharp edges that can cut carpet fibres. Cut by these soils the fibers acquire a hazy, soiled appearance. Cleaning cannot remove this soiled appearance, as the fiber has been permanently damaged. Regular extraction, done before visible soil appears, and regular vacuuming reduces the damage to fibers caused by soiling.

Carpet cleaning also causes concern among consumers who believe that after the carpet is cleaned, it will be more soiled. In many instances, the carpet retailers reinforce this fear. The original solutions for cleaning carpets are the cause of this concern. In the early days, “true soaps” were used to clean carpets. These soaps were made with coconut oils and natural ingredients. Coconut oils adhere to soil, which is then removed after the soap has been extracted. The soaps of the early days were very hard to remove. Soaps would often remain in the carpet. These soaps continued collecting soil particles causing rapid resoiling.

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