Carpet Cleaning: Why Carpet Cleaning is Better

There are many myths surrounding carpet cleaning that have persisted throughout the years, despite advances in technology. We have listed some common myths about carpet cleaning, along with their reasons for not being true today, learn more.

Myth 1: “Ask for as long as you can before cleaning your carpet. The faster it gets dirty, the longer it takes to clean it.”

This is because dirt is abrasive and can cause damage to the carpet fibers. Clean carpets will last longer than dirty carpets. A vacuum alone won’t keep your carpet clean of grease and other fine particles that can cause damage.

Myth 2: “A carpet is only clean when it looks dirty”

It’s not true. You would wash clothes after they have been worn, even though they may look clean. Carpets are no different. Air contains pollens, bacteria, and air pollution like cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, and many other chemicals. These chemicals can be carried from outside by your hair, skin and clothing, as well as shoes.

Pollens, fungi, and chemicals in carpets can exacerbate allergies and other breathing problems.

Myth #3 “All cleaning methods produce the same results”

Two primary methods are dry cleaning and hot water extraction.

(a) Dry cleaning. This is not dry cleaning clothing. All carpet cleaning methods use water in some form, whether it’s dry-foam or dry-chemical.

After drying, shampoo your carpet and vacuum it to remove any dirt and foam. This method can be less effective and leave a residue that attracts soil to the carpet.

Dry chemical is similar to dry foam, but the rotary machine is equipped with a cloth that can be used to rub the carpet and absorb dirt. This is similar to using a spot cleaner and towel, but on a larger scale. This method can damage carpet fibers and also fail to clean deep.

Dry-cleaning can be sufficient to maintain lightly stained carpets.

The dry compound method involves spreading an absorbent material over the carpet. This compound is then brushed into carpet fibers by machine to absorb dirt. The compound is removed by vacuuming when it is dry. This method works in the same way as the dry foam, but with a greater effectiveness at removing dirt and other residues. This method is called the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System and it is highly recommended by more than 70 carpet mills.

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