Carpet Flooring: Benefits

The comfort and softness of the carpet have made it the most commonly used flooring in the US, as well as overseas. Imagine the feeling of comfort and warmth under your toes as you begin your day pacific floor covering. There are many reasons why carpet flooring is so popular.

Why Carpets?
The goal of every home owner or investor is to make the most of their renovations and remodeling. As an integral part to your home, flooring provides the basis for daily activities. Depending on what type of activity is planned for a room, carpet will usually dominate hardwood, laminated, tile, and resilient flooring. The carpet fibers are soft and comfortable, and they can be crafted into beautiful patterns and styles to suit the budget of any homeowner. Following are some of carpet flooring’s advantages for homeowners.

1. Get Value for Your Budget
While carpets can fit any budget, flooring is an important expense that homeowners incur when remodeling or renovating their home. The perfect balance of quality and price is crucial when purchasing carpet. Homeowners often make the mistake of sacrificing quality for cost, and overlooking costs associated with installation or carpet replacement due to its short life expectancy. The majority of manufacturers provide lifetime warranties with higher grade carpets. However, low end carpets may only have a warranty for 5 years or even no warranty at all. While buying carpet, you should also consider other factors, such as the number of people living in the house, the presence of children and pets, or the cost associated with carpet replacement.

2. Simple Maintenance
The carpeting is relatively easy to maintain compared to other types. Regular vacuuming eliminates air contaminants, providing clean air as well as a nice appearance to the flooring. Steam cleaning is required to maintain carpets in like-new condition depending on foot traffic. Periodic deep cleaning by a professional extends the lifespan of carpet flooring, which is a requirement from the manufacturer for warranties to remain valid.

3. Warmth and Comfort
This flooring will add an additional layer of insulation, reducing your home’s energy costs. The cushion padding beneath carpets provides wall-to wall insulation and warmth, unlike hardwood or resilient floors.

4. Safety:
The slip-resistant carpet flooring is one of the best types for preventing accidents and injuries in both home and work environments. The carpet flooring option is ideal for homes with children or elderly residents. Every business has always placed safety as the number one priority when it comes working environments.

5. Design and Style
You can achieve the desired look of your room with a variety of patterns and colors. The color scheme in your room will determine whether you choose a carpet to blend with the furniture, or accentuate the carpet and make furniture stand out.

6. Durability:
Avoiding costly carpet mistakes requires paying attention to carpet specifications such as pile height, fiber type, tuft twirl, face-weight. All these factors affect the life and durability of the carpet. It is important to know what type of anti stain protection the carpet has, as this will affect your ability to remove stains and clean it.

You can provide your family with comfort and security by using carpets that have soft textures. Your home’s value will be increased with the right carpeting and a welcoming environment. Home Floors & Remodel has a great selection of quality carpets. You can also rest assured that the carpets will be professionally installed by a flooring contractor.

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