Chinese Painting Techniques

Chinese art includes landscapes as well as figures. In introducing masterpieces, and allowing you to appreciate them we aim to help you understand the theoretical aspect of Chinese art and its evolution. By studying the basic brushing techniques you will be able to better appreciate Chinese art. After learning the basic brush techniques, students are inspired to create paintings using this new technique, read more.

Chinese Painting Techniques

Four Gentlemen Painting

Orchids represent four gentlemen.

Aquatic life-Fishes paintings

The artists have used the theme of ideal living to show their passion for it.

Lotus and Colouring Paints

Lotus stands for a unique gentleman. This will encourage painting styles and history of the lotus. Zhang Daqian invented new techniques for depicting lotuses.

Landscape Painting

In the past, there were many ways to create landscape paintings. The ancients used a variety of techniques, including sketching masterworks, travelling, modeling, and showing emotion.

Chinese traditional paintings use brushes, inks, pigments and paper to create both imaginary and realistic objects. It comes in many forms, like scroll painting (also called mural painting), images of the New Year, engraving paintings, etc.

Chinese art is neither a science nor a form of expression. It can be classified by the different tools and materials, just like oil painting, gouache or engraving. Chinese painting has many uses. It can be classified as murals or serial pictures. Chinese paintings are classified based on their subject matter. You can classify them as landscape or figure paintings. Chinese painting is considered a unique art in the entire world due to its distinctive style. It’s similar to oil painting. Chinese art is usually concerned with conveying the essence of something, emphasizing beauty and vitality, while also capturing spirit and form. This is a goal that the Chinese, as a whole nation, never give up on. Oriental Painting cannot be without this element.

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