Choose Your Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are becoming an essential part of every home. The microwave oven makes it easier to cook and takes less time, while maintaining the quality and taste of your food. The different types are: important link!

* Counter Top

* Convection

* Combination


* Built-in

Countertop is an easy-to-use oven at a low price compared to similar electronic products. This food heater occupies more room in the kitchen. It is easy to use and convenient. This oven is easy to operate with a manual and instructions. It is only necessary to plug the oven into the socket on the wall and then follow the directions. This device is used primarily for simple cooking and heating food, such as making jams, pastes and cookies.

Convection : A product that combines microwave technology with heat energy. The product can be used to cook and grill food. The fan releases steam produced by the heating process. The product is more expensive because it prepares food much quicker than electronic products.

Combined This is an oven that combines convection with conventional cooking (countertop). This oven has the advantage that it can be switched between conventional and convection modes. You can bake and cook with one unit.

Commercial : This type is used mainly in commercial buildings, such as offices, canteens for staff, college, and restaurants. This product is ideal for bulk cooking, and it occupies more space. The microwave heats food quickly and maintains nutrients.

Built in : Similar to the countertop. It is smaller than the counter and fits better in small kitchens. The built-in version is perfectly mounted and out of reach for children, so there’s no chance it will fall from the counter.

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