Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery is the most popular type of Plastic Surgery. It includes types of hand surgery,reconstructive surgery treatment for burns and also microsurgery, check this site.

India’s Cosmetic Treatments are the best in the world. India Guest Posting offers cosmetic treatments of international standards. Recent years have seen an increase in the number patients traveling to India, to receive procedures such a Breast Lift or Tummy Tuck. Rhinoplasty and Breast Reduction are also popular.

Breast Augmentation Surgery/Breast Implant Surgery Breast Volume can decrease due to pregnancy or weight loss. Breast Augmentation can increase the breast size by using either breast implants, or fat transfers. The Augmentation Mammoplasty procedure, or as it is called in clinical terms, reconstructs the breasts when a patient has had a mastectomy due to cancer.

Breast Lifting Surgery Over the past several years, Mastopexy (Breast Lifting) has become more popular. In recent years, breast implants have outnumbered Breast Lift operations. Trimming excess skin off the breast, and then tightening surrounding tissue is how this can be achieved. As women age, their breasts may lose firmness. Breast Lift can improve breast shape and lift sagging tummy.

Reduction Mammoplasty (Uplift & Reduction Breast Surgery) is a type of plastic surgery which helps reduce large breasts. To achieve this, excess skin and breast tissue are removed. You can increase breast size through the removal and movement of tissue around the nipple/areola. The breasts can be reduced in size if only fatty tissue is present. This is typically done under general sedation and can take up to 4-5hrs. Small reductions are only performed with local anesthesia.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

This procedure involves the use of implants and repositioning the entire area between the nipple and areola. Breast Reconstruction Surgery can be performed using implants. A repositioning of the nipple, areola region is also done. As a result of the delay, surgery will be performed to treat the skin.

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