Do you want to pursue a career in accountancy? You have many options

Accounting and auditing careers offer many possibilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2006, there will be strong job growth for the accounting profession. From 2006 to 2016, accounting jobs are expected to grow by 18%. This is faster than the average growth for all occupations. Over the next ten year period, accounting jobs will grow by almost 226,000. The economic expansion, financial law changes, tighter corporate governance and improved economic efficiency are all factors that have contributed to the strong growth of accounting and auditing jobs. Changes in financial reporting standards as well as mergers or purchases will create more opportunities for accountants. The growth of accounting jobs will also be driven by the desire to make government agencies more accountable. According to the Handbook, candidates with a master’s degree will have the most career options, read this.

What are the roles and responsibilities of accountants and auditors It’s not difficult to see what the roles are for accountants and auditors. Auditors and accounting prepare, analyze, verify and communicate financial information to clients. This could include individuals or corporations, as well as governments. Depending on the type of accounting or auditing job, there are many different job titles for auditors and accountants.

What career options exist in the accounting sector? There are four main areas of public and auditing: management, government, internal and public.

There are many types of public accounting jobs. You will be able to provide tax advice as well as prepare income tax returns. Auditors outside of companies are responsible for reviewing financial reports and ensuring they have been prepared correctly. Public accountants are certified public accountants (CPA). They can work in private accounting firms or alone.

Management accounting jobs: These accountants analyze, prepare and present financial information for companies. Management accounting will require you to manage and maintain budgets, monitor expenses, analyze financial data, prepare reports or manage company assets.

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