Dry foam cleaning is healthier than other carpet cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning using dry foam is a great option website. This method works well and dries fast. It is best to hire someone who has experience in this area or rent equipment. Use a brush to remove dirt. The rug is then injected with foaming shampoo to trap dirt. Then the dirt is vacuumed out and removed.

It’s an awesome product!

The dry foam used to clean your carpets will allow you to focus more on the rest or your home, and its style. Steam cleaning may not be the best method for carpets in many cases. Rugs can look brand new if they are cleaned using this method. For areas with heavy footfall, dry foam cleansing will restore them to life.


The carpet will dry faster using this method and usually in under an hour. This will mean less disruption in your daily life and less time spent outside the house. If you compare it to other drying methods, your children might find that several hours without access to a specific room seems like a long period of time. From beginning to end, it takes only two hour. Business downtime can be detrimental to profits, particularly if the business is only closed for a short time or not at all. You might lose some customers if they decide not to come back if an area is blocked off. Dry foaming may be completed quickly and efficiently during non-peak periods, so you can get back to your normal routine.


People with mold or mite allergies used to consider carpeting as a luxurious item. Even though certain types of carpets can harbor mold-causing fungi and dust mites, other products on the market are available. Berber rugs or low-piled rugs can be a better alternative to hardwood. Not only should you vacuum your carpets, but also wash them. It is recommended that each carpet be shampooed once every two years in order to remove all the dirt embedded into it and to remove any insects or mold. You can use dry foam to clean your carpets. This will remove any allergens.

The lack of a water resistant lining on carpets made them dangerous for people who are allergic to mold. It was common for people to avoid carpeting, as it could be hazardous for those with mold allergy. Modern carpets do get wet. However, they don’t become saturated. Carpet piles don’t absorb foam solutions because they are resistant. It dries more quickly and reduces the chance of mold or bacteria. It is faster to dry and there is less moisture trapped below the surface. When you use dry foam to wash carpets, you can prevent the growth of mold, mildew or moisture. After applying foaming detergent, the majority is removed with an extraction process. When the carpet surface dries, the remaining soap crystallizes and can be easily removed using any standard vacuum.


Save money by using dry cleaning foams rather than washing or changing rugs often. Even though it will cost a little more to hire a professional, their results will be much better because they are familiar with the equipment. This extends the carpets life. Use a rug protection to prolong the time between carpet cleansings.
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