Flagpole placement can be crucial to safety

Oh, what a beautiful old-fashioned flag! Age of Honor. “The Stars and Stripes.” It doesn’t matter how you refer to it. There is no doubt the American flag stands for our country, its culture and values. How better to prove your dedication to your nation, than to have the flag flying from your flagpole.

Be aware, however, that installing your flagpole wrongly can lead to certain dangers. Don’t rush into it. Read about possible dangers before you wave the flag, learn more!

The flagpole should not be placed too close to electrical wires. Although it seems obvious, many people fail to take this important step. The collision of your flagpole with a powerline can lead to a deadly electrical shock.

Consider the terrain around your flagpole when placing it. When you live near a windy area, it is important to ensure that your flagpole can handle strong gusts and be firmly anchored. You should make sure to keep your flag pole away from large trees and other objects in areas where frequent storms take place.

Consider the risk that your flagpole will interfere with any nearby utilities or structures. When you put your pole up near structures, it could graze and cause damage. It can cause service problems or lead to a fatal gas leak, if you set up your pole too close underground cables or pipelines.

It is important to consider the local laws when positioning your flagpole. Prior to installing the flagpole, make sure you are familiar with any local rules that could apply regarding its size, placement, and height.

This danger should not deter you from flying a flag. Prepare and plan ahead to ensure you install the flagpole properly and can fly in public. You can show off your national pride but only if you are safe.

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