Forex can be traded; FOREX means Foreign Exchange

Prior to 1996, some Forex traders were restricted. These members included bank and investment banks, wealthy individuals and conglomerates. US$10,000,000. This will be required to launch the Forex market my website. Forex markets attract no investors. The market is not permitted or required for Forex investors to place an investment. It was reported that daily trading volume fell below USD500 million.

Bill Clinton granted permission for the Forex market’s opening to public trading. These markets are similar in appearance to mushrooms. Over the years, the number of trades on the Forex market has steadily increased. Forex is the biggest traded market in the world, with over USD3 trillion of daily transactions. It’s much more than what is traded on the stock exchange globally. Also, it’s approximately 4-5-times higher than US Futures Trade Volume.

FOREX trading may quickly cause economic collapse. Many Asian nations, including South Korea and Thailand, face currency crises. Since 1997, there have been currency crises in Singapore and Indonesia. George Soros, one among the most prominent figures who achieved more than USD1Billion during this crisis, is a great example.

A decrease in capital requirements to open an account due to the increased competition through Forex brokers over the Internet has resulted in lower minimum capital. For an account to be opened, funding must amount to USD250. The capital is required to be able trade currencies.

Forex Market is open non-stop seven days per semaine, all year. Forex trading can only be done when there are market fluctuations. You can make a profit if these are done correctly. There are no commissions for forex trading. It is easy for traders with small capital to trade in the forex market because leverage can be high.

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