Hardwood Flooring For Your Home: What To Look For

Hardwood floors are a timeless choice. They continue to gain in popularity. If installed and maintained properly, pacific floor covering can last for a century. Many historical and vintage homes still feature the original maple, or oak, or other wood in their dwellings. Although the boards have had some refinishing, they still look great.

Some of the older floors had wall-to -wall carpeting, or another trendy material, but homeowners today are removing the carpeting, rugs, or linoleum, or whatever else was placed on top of the vintage hardwood floor, and restoring it. In the case of new construction or remodeling, homeowners often choose to install hardwood flooring. They want to pick out the best type for their office or home.

Hardness and grade: When choosing hardwood flooring, you should consider the hardness of each type. The harder types will be more durable but not as stain-resistant as the softer varieties. Janka is a system of rating hardness. Woods are given a rating and a score, like 2350 for Brazilian Cherry and 1010 black walnut. The grain markings can also be rated. NOFMA supervises these products. The grade of lumber is determined by the uniformity of grain markings. The uniformity of the grains does not necessarily make them preferable. Some individuals prefer a randomer pattern.

There are many types of hardwood flooring. Popular hardwoods include cherry, Douglas Fir, Birch, Oak and Pine. Cherry is a relatively soft wood that absorbs stains quite easily. It’s a good choice for adding accents to the floor, like creating a pattern or an edge. Douglas fir comes in a fairly light shade with a hint of yellow. Birch can be light, medium or dark in color and is a sturdy wood. Oak is available in red or white. Both red and white oaks have interesting spiral grain patterns.

These hardwood floor refinishing products can be cut to planks, made into parquet tiles, or sliced in strips. The engineered hardwood products are another option. These flooring materials have several thin layers of wood that are compressed, glued and then shaped into a unique design. The different types of hardwood flooring can be finished to your taste. There are many different finishes, from matte to shiny and from those which penetrate the wood to the ones that remain at the surface. The type of hardwood you choose for your office or home is important.

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