How To Buy A Tesla Used Without Breaking The Bank : From The Dream to The Driveway

We’ll buy a Tesla now. Let’s not sound like we belong in a science fiction book or corporate boardroom. First let’s deal with the elephant check my site. Teslas rock. It’s true, I said it. But what about price tags? But not that much. The idea of purchasing an older Tesla is brought into play here.

Imagine entering an event with a Tesla Fob. You’d definitely be the focus of attention if you had a Tesla Key Fob! Think about buying a used model instead of a brand new one if you’re worried that the cost will make your wallet cry. The thrift shop is just like buying an expensive jacket.

It’s easy to think that buying used will give you a car in better condition. Teslas however are different from your average vehicle. They age like fine wines. There are less moving parts since they are electrical. Even though a Tesla may have been driven many miles, it can still perform better.

Check out a few items before diving in. Number one is to check the battery. It’s the same as checking how much battery life your smartphone still has. You wouldn’t want to buy a device that needs charging every thirty minutes, right? It is also important to check the software update and warranty. It’s not a good idea to drive around in a car that is outdated.

Other features of older models may have been removed from the newer versions. There may be one that offers a mode for your morning commute to feel like it’s in space.

Never take the word of a seller that everything is fine. Do your homework. You should check the history of the vehicle, as if you’re stalking an ex-lover on social media.

What about mileage? Electric cars don’t have to be doomed because of high numbers. Electric motors last longer and are more efficient than engines buried deep in oil or gasoline.

Consider reconditioned Tesla-certified vehicles if you hesitate to buy from a private online seller or even an experienced dealer. While they may cost more, consider that you are paying for peace-of-mind.

Now that you have learned the truth, owning a Tesla will not be something you dream about or add to the “When I Win the Lottery list”. It is possible to afford a Tesla if you have patience and use smart shopping.

Never forget that life’s too precious to be driving boring cars. And who can say? You could save the earth by buying a used Tesla.

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