How to choose a recycling company

Does the recycling firm you are looking into service your region first? If a company representative cannot be reached, it can make it difficult to manage a recycling program. Visit us!

Have they the necessary experience to effectively market your recyclable materials? Diverse recyclable commodities aren’t always able to find profitable, strong markets. To avoid market volatility, it is essential to work with companies that are aware of the market and have experience and stability to deal with these changes.

Check their history. Many companies “start up” in the recycling market during times of strong markets and few challenges. The companies will be gone once the markets change and are unable sell your goods.

Do they own their own fleet and do they operate it? Depending on third parties to supply equipment such as transport, recycling, trailers and other equipment is difficult.

Are they familiar with the equipment that will be used on the site (such as compactors, balers etc.) and are they able to provide it? If you supply the wrong equipment, it can cause problems and raise your labor cost when collecting recyclables.

Make sure both the business and staff have the required experience. The recycler should provide a client list. You should visit several customers to check if you are a satisfied customer.

You can tour and inspect the recycler’s facilities. Many recyclers don’t have processing facilities and only deal in material. However, this can lead to problems as well as increased costs when loads are rejected. The handling of materials less than one trailer load is also difficult. A subcontractor must handle all materials that are not in a trailer load.

Does the company have the capability to collect various materials and then market them? Again, many businesses “specialize”, in only a single material. For example, paper or specialized metals. You can do this if your company only produces one grade. As an example, the scrap generated by a large printer could include paper, aluminum, litho film, or both. Your recycling company may only deal with paper. If so, you will have to work with other suppliers to get the rest of your materials.

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