How to Choose Safe Cleaning Agents in a Family Friendly Home

When children and pets live in the home, it is a whole new ballgame to maintain a clean environment. Cleaning agents that are effective in cleaning carpets may not be safe for homes with children or pets – visit us! It is important to find cleaning products that not only maintain cleanliness, but are also safe for more sensitive members of your family.

It is often necessary to reevaluate household cleaners in order to find safe agents. Cleaning products often contain dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia and chlorine bleach. Their lungs-irritating emissions can cause serious health issues if accidentally consumed. These compounds are most likely to be inhaled by pets and children who spend time playing on the floor.

It is possible to find a better alternative by using natural cleaning products. Vinegar is one of the most powerful natural cleaners. Acidity makes it safe for children and pets, and helps remove stains and smells. Another versatile cleaner is baking soda. It deodorizes, scrubs, and leaves no residue.

Essential oils are also being used in cleaning products. Tea tree, lemon, lavender and tea oil are all antibacterial and smell great. Some essential oils may harm dogs. Choose wisely.

Adopting safe cleaning procedures is just as important as choosing the right cleaning agent. Cleaning safely involves ensuring adequate ventilation, keeping chemicals out of the reach of pets and children, and not mixing them with other substances.

Use a gentle but effective solution for carpet cleaning in Cammeray. To avoid damaging carpets and to confirm the product’s safety, test it on an inconspicuous spot. Rinsing the cleaner and thoroughly drying it after washing will remove any residues that may harm curious pets or toddlers.

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