How to Cure Your Life from Sickness and Disease

Healing and sickness, as well as everything else, can be a sensitive topic. It has the potential for causing some emotional reactions and ruffling a few feathers. This is why it is normal for everyone to be skeptical about this site and ideas about health, wellness, and anything to do with illness and disease in general.

My previous articles have received a lot feedback, particularly my last one titled “You’re Not What You Eat but What You Think”. People expressed concern that my approach was about mind over matter. They believe that the power of your mind can heal any and all. While it may seem like it could be read and understood that way, it’s not. This article is written to clarify and offer a deeper insight into my earlier articles.

As I’ve stated before, my approach is that illness and diseases are not enemies but friends. Not something that is trying harm us, but something that wants to liberate and empower us. It’s all about perception. Perceiving illness as a problem or a foreign invader who is trying to harm you, it will be perceived that way. The key is to realize that perception is only a matter.

Since childhood, illness and other diseases have been seen as external entities that are separate from us. I believe, and many others are beginning to agree, that our health and inability to maintain it is more related to things we control, internal factors. It may sound a bit extreme, but it has been liberating and empowering for me to see that I have more control than what is out of my hands.

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