How would dating etiquette appear now?

I like dating. It’s lots of fun and exciting. If you’re attracted to someone, then go to a date for the first time to see what happens. More about the author!

In reality, I had a meeting with my partner at the supermarket department. I was asked to enter my name on the list of customers lined up. I could not resist his beautiful smile, so I took his number, and contacted me the next day. I was invited to a dinner. I was happy to go. My date was approximately one hour away. I had my look and hair to the occasion. I wore very little make-up…natural appearance. I wore a very sexy look: a dress, red with a cut that fell just below my knees. It had a very classy look to it. Just a little perfume spray and I’m set! My nervousness would quickly disappear.

My date was right in time. It was a pleasure to be surprised. It showed he was attentive to my needs. He smiled brightly as he waited outside the car. He made me blush and I smiled back at him. He and I hugged as we walked by the car. I smelled great, just right amount of perfume. The man asked me if was ready to go and I replied: “Yes of course”. My companion opened the door and kindly waiting until I was inside and closed the door. After I was settled in my seat in the passenger side, I looked up at him, and noticed he was carrying an arrangement of flowers… they were beautiful carnations in bright pink. They smelled beautiful. I thanked him politely, and I hugged him. My date had set the tone for a great evening ahead!

We’re off to dinner. The two of us had agreed to an easy steak dinner…I love steak (he remembers from one of our conversation). We went to the dining establishment. When we arrived at the restaurant, my friend opened the door for me. As I got out the car, he took my hand. By now, I was feeling really good about my date. He was very sincere and I loved the fact that he had the ability to treat me respectfully. The food was excellent and the conversation was a breeze the two of us asked each other questions and shared stories. I like the fact that He was confident and smiled frequently at me, as well as being attentive to me.

He suggested we stop by this bar that plays fantastic music as there was nothing other to do. I accepted. I still enjoyed his company, and I definitely liked his manner of dressing. The atmosphere was cozy warm and welcoming, the music was not too noisy, which gave us the opportunity to have a conversation. I had an enjoyable moment with the man.

We had a good rapport and I hoped he would find the same. We were there for about one hour, had a couple of drinks after which we headed for to go home. I had hoped to stay more however it was already getting dark which was when I started feeling very well from the drinks. While I was drinking, I was imagining us making out. The first time we met, I chose to stay cautious. He drove me to home. He opened the car door, and assisted me in getting out. He took my hand and gently kissed it. He was a gentleman to the top! It’s like the night echoing in my mind when I’m in. I cannot wait to see him again!! I got great impressions by his appearance.

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