Laying the Foundation: Your pre-cleaning check list before North Shore Carpet maestros swing by!

Imagine that the day is here. You booked carpet cleaning northshore going here, the crème de la crème of services to pamper your carpets. But wait. It’s important to prepare the groundwork before cleaning professionals arrive. It is possible to ensure that your cleaning experience will be as seamless and as efficient as a Broadway musical. Come and join us in the non-boring, but action-packed world of rug preparation!

1. Declutter the Dance Floor

Carpet cleaners are like ballroom dancers. They need room to move around. Relocate coffee tables chairs and floor lamps. The carpet will be cleaned thoroughly and quickly.

2. Safeguard Your Sentimentals

Are you sitting on a collection of heirloom dishes? You might have an old collection of bobbleheads dating back to the 1990s. While professionals will always be cautious, you should secure anything that can break. The saying “better safe than Sorry” is true!

3. Find the Spots

Play detective. Mark out stubborn stains, or trouble spots, with a piece tape or sticky notes. This lets your cleaning team know what areas may need extra care.

4. Pets & Kiddos are a Dynamic Duo

Carpet Cleaning North Shore may be pet- and kid-lovers, but it is possible that the cleaning process could overwhelm the little ones. If you want to keep them occupied and away from the chaos, set up a fun playdate or cozy nook.

5. Red Carpet Entrance

Ensure that the cleaning crew can easily enter and leave your house. You might need to temporarily relocate potted flowers or the shoerack by the front door. It is easy to make equipment changes with this simple step.

6. Pre-Cleaning vacuum: Because Two Is Better Than One

The pros can do a deep clean by vacuuming the larger debris before they dive in. It’s like the prelude to the main show!
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