Learn How To Change The Keylock For An Electronic Lock

As electronic locks become more popular, they are being installed in homes for their many advantages. These include security or convenience. If there’s a sector which has embraced this new technology, it would be the tourism and hospitality industry. This includes vacation homes as well, click this link!

This type of solution is our specialty. When replacing traditional key locks with digital ones, our customers often wonder if it will be complicated. It is far from the truth. For most electronic locks, it’s not necessary to replace the door. This article will cover the topic of installing electronic locks.

How Does an Electronic Lock Work?

The majority of our customers were surprised by how easily they could change their metal keys to cards, or use Bluetooth for opening. These systems are particularly interesting in this health crisis where contactless technologies have been promoted. Contactless technologies are based on the use of wireless technology to communicate between devices.

Installation of certain electronic locks

Discover the different types of electronic locks available. Let’s divide the electronic locks by their opening methods.

The proximity cards can come in the card form, or as a bracelet or keyring.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology enables the locking system to be opened by the client and managed with an application on a smartphone.

Code PIN: opens with a numeric code as though it was a safety.

Cylinders electronic

This electronic device is a great way to update a lock that uses a mechanical key, and also increase the security of a locked door. The installation of the electronic cylinder is easy, as the old mechanical device must be disassembled and the new electronic device installed.

Open with Wireless Card Easily adapts to any hotel or office lock.

It is perfect for holiday homes as it allows the user to open the door remotely using a Smartphone and Bluetooth.

Lock cylinders are compact systems that include the pistons as well as the key. Although it’s a relatively simple tool, its manufacture requires great attention. The reason for this is that every cylinder has a unique combination, which allows your keys to have a unique alignment. The cylinder’s function is usually limited to the ability to retract and push the safety bar.

This is why it’s not necessary for you to remove that bar when replacing a cylinder. You can simply replace the cylinder which is easily adjusted to work with the same lock.

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