Mold is easily controlled with carpet cleaning

The scene is like something out of a suspense novel: a silent, intruder hides deep within your home. The villain isn’t something you can see. Instead, it’s mildew and mold that are waiting to get into your carpet.

Lucky for you carpet cleaning Killara can be your trusty partner in this home battle, more about the author?

To begin with, mold and mildew do more harm than they do good. It comes with all sorts of nasty sidekicks: allergens. microbes. and musty smells. All these can change your comfort zone in the home. It gets worse in places with high levels of humidity. The fungi love the moisture. They make your carpets their perfect homes.

Here is a strategy that will help you defeat the two savages. You don’t have to clean your carpets regularly just for the sake of appearances. You need to do this in order to keep the air you breathe healthy and protect your family’s health.

The mold spores need moisture for their astute plans to take off. Dehumidifiers and high-powered fans are essential for drying the carpet after the initial cleaning. The carpet cleaning Killara team knows the importance of using high powered fans and humidifiers to fight mould.

Do you have any experience with DIY steamers? These steam cleaners may look like the best option but they don’t dry your carpets properly. The last thing we need is for mold to make its grand entrance.

To keep your carpets dry as well as clean, it is similar to having a mould-preventing force field in your home. What about regular professional cleanings? Then you’re a hero for ensuring your memories are the only things growing in your home, and not an unwanted colony of mould.

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