Roof Restoration in Sydney: The Step by Step Process

Due to Sydney’s climate, and its environmental elements that are constantly changing, roof repairs can often be required by Sydney home owners. Roof restoration is an effective solution that addresses both existing roof problems and improves its overall durability. We’ll take you through the steps of Sydney roof restoration, so you know what to expect – additional info.

1. Inspection and Assessment

An inspection of the roof by an experienced roofing contractor is the first part of the process. This professional will evaluate the present condition of your roofing, determine any problems, and assess the damage. The evaluation will help determine the amount of restoration work that is needed.

2. Cleaning and preparation

The roof must first be thoroughly cleaned. In this step, you will need to clean the roof thoroughly, including removing any debris, dirt and moss. Cleansing your roof will ensure the restoration process runs smoothly and coatings adhere well.

3. The following are the repairs and replacements that you can make:

When the roof is cleaned, it’s time to address any damaged or degraded parts. You may need to repair flashing or replace damaged shingles. These issues are essential for the structural integrity your roof.

4. Rebedding and Pointing

In the case of homes with tiled rooftops, it is important to re-bed and point. It involves the removal and reattachment of the ridge cap tiles, and application of a flexible pointing paste to create an airtight seal. This will prevent any water penetration and increase the lifespan of your roof.

5. Roof Coatings

The application of roof coatings to the roof is an important phase in the restoration process. They serve many purposes including protecting and sealing your roof against the elements. The sun’s UV radiation can be very intense in Sydney. Roof coatings provide protection from the UV and increase the durability of the roof.

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