Secure Self-storage: Is Your Stuff Safe?

When you leave your goods at self-storage wikipedia reference, it’s important to ensure that when you go back, they remain as clean and dry. Also, it is important to ensure that all of your goods are present and “missing”.

How do you ensure the security of your goods in your storage facility? It is worth asking before storing. The cheapest unit doesn’t guarantee your security anymore than the most expensive one. Security is a result of “caring,” a management philosophy.

Secure Self Storage – Your Checklist:

Speaking with the manager will give a good indication of their level of concern. The storage facility is much more secure if you visit it.

1) Customer service is at the forefront when it comes to security. Renting storage units is open to all, but will they be good customers? Could it be possible that the person just renting did so with the intention to take advantage of storage space? Will you be the next victim of this scam? Ask the manager at the site whether they screen customers with an app. This will be the first step toward ensuring you and your possessions remain safe.

Second, the lock on the front door of your self storage unit. This is your first line against any intruder. At the moment, a disk lock that is circular is the most secure option for storing your belongings. Storage facilities, like America’s Best Self Storage Torrance in California, offer a quality disk lock for all their customers.

Next, there is management surveillance. Is there anyone on-site to monitor the premises and ensure that everything is as it should be? Are you conducting regular, non-scheduled visits to the storage facility in order to check that everything is working as it should?

The storage facility is kept neatly and clean. If storage units, and other common areas in the facility are not regularly managed to prevent pests or rodents from entering your items, you may have a security breach. No fun. Before renting a self-storage unit, check to make sure that it’s clean and disinfected. Also, ask the management about their pest control methods.

What happens if an accident occurs? The storage facility must have smoke detectors, water sprinklers and fire extinguishers.

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