Tips On Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpets can be a nuisance in any home or office next page. A professional carpet cleaning company is needed to keep them clean, hygienic and fresh smelling. Carpets contain accumulated dust, micro organisms and dirt particles that may cause health problems for people with dust allergies. Asthma, rhinitis eczema blocked and runny nasal passages, and eczema are all common allergic reactions that can be caused by dirty and unhygienic flooring.

To avoid health hazards associated with unhygienic, dirty carpet, it’s important to have a professional clean your carpet every year. They can remove all embedded dirt and microorganisms. Carpets which are heavily used may need additional treatments. This is to ensure that dirt can be effectively removed. The type of carpet and flooring will dictate the cleaning method. It is better to ask your carpet retailer or installer about the recommended carpet cleaners or preferred cleaning methods when planning to deepclean your carpet. If no recommendation is given, you will need to look at the different types and methods of carpet cleaning offered by the carpet cleaning companies in the marketplace. Then decide which method will work best for your house or office.

There are many carpet cleaning techniques available, but those that are most commonly used in Singapore and the larger cities of Asia include hot water extraction / Steam cleaning and Dry cleaning. Carpet bonneting is commonly used in hotel corridors and public areas because the method is quick to complete without impeding human traffic. This method of carpet cleaning does not do a deep clean. The result is that the carpet becomes dirty again quickly. Since carpet users have complained about the rapid resoiling following bonneting cleaning, many hotels and commercial facilities management have turned to other carpet cleaners that produce better results.

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