Understanding Water Damage Classes and Categories

Water damage can differ in severity and requires different restoration methods blog link. Water damage classification is important for the rehabilitation of water damages. This page describes categories and classes of water damages to help you make informed restoration decisions.

Water contamination is what defines water damage. Three categories include:
Category 1: Clean Water – Water from an hygienic and clean source, such a a broken pipe or leaky faucet. Category 1 damage to water is less dangerous, and can be easily repaired.

b. Gray Water (highly polluted water) – Gray Water contains high levels of contaminants that can make people sick. The category includes clean toilet overflows, dishwashing machines, and washing machine. It is important to disinfect and protect the area before restoration.

Black Water: Highly polluted water that is extremely dangerous. It is made up of sewage, floodwater and chemicals. Because of the high level of disease risk, blackwater restoration requires specialized gear, protective clothing, and professional expertise.

Water damage can be classified according to the rate of evaporation and moisture absorption. Four categories are:
Class 1 : Minimal water absorption – low evaporation rates and small area. Concrete and hardwoods do not have much porousness. Class 1 restorations require little extraction and dry-out.

Class 2 – Significant Water Absorption : Carpets, pillows and other medium-porous materials have absorbed a lot of water. Water usually stays below 24″ Class 2 restorations may require additional drying, and even material removal.

Class 3 water damages affect walls, ceilings, and structural elements. Drywall and insulation is soaked. To avoid mold growth, thorough water removal and drying is required during restoration.

These materials are made of low-porosity materials, such as concrete, stone or hardwood. Due to the water resistance of these materials, they require special drying methods. Class 4 restorations require specialist equipment, longer drying time and a higher level of expertise.

Understanding the different types of water damage will help you to restore your property. Restoration professionals are able to build mitigation and repair techniques using pollution classes and moisture absorption class. Hire water damage restoration specialists to ensure your property’s safety and complete restoration.

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