What DUI Lawyers Seattle will assist you in fighting DUI Infractions

It is possible to face severe penalties when you’re charged with DUI at Seattle. The penalties include potential loss of your driver’s license, and jail time or a criminal history. DUI legal counsel in Seattle can help you consider possible defense strategies to ensure you receive the greatest results possible. Read more?

What DUI attorneys from Seattle could do to aid

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, DUI lawyers Seattle can evaluate your case to find out what arguments you could raise. An attorney might have the ability to present many arguments to help free you from the charge.

DUI attorneys Seattle are also able to help find other solutions, including first-time offenders programs and plea bargaining. This could help avoid lasting consequence or severe penalties that can affect your daily living.

defenses against DUI

DUI attorneys Seattle can listen to your case and explore your case before helping to decide what defense, if any, could be suitable in your situation. Examples of defenses to DUI charges include an illegal search, faulty DUI testing, and a growing BAC defense.

DUI legal counsel in Seattle may assist in the preparation of an argument based upon a search that was illegal. The defense revolves around the need for proof that your 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights were breached. Tests for breathalyzers or other DUI tests are considered searches that are conducted by law enforcement. Evidence gathered by officers may not be admissible if they stopped without justification, or conducted tests on the subject with no indication that you had consumed alcohol. The prosecutor might have to dismiss the case if there’s no basis for a case.

Arguments to justify flawed DUI tests stem from an assumption that the test could have been flawed. A defense may be used whenever a breathalyzer is not kept up to standards or when law enforcement officers weren’t adequately trained on testing with breathalyzers.

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