When To Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Carpets need to be cleaned every day or weekly. Vacuuming will remove dust, hair and other dirt. But, carpet stains and dirt will eventually fall out visit us. Deep cleaning is necessary if you want to clean your carpet if it looks old and stained. Carpet cleaning frequency depends on how frequently the carpets are used. Children and pets may require carpet cleaning every three to six months. Smokers or people who smoke in your house or office may require carpet cleaning every six months, nine months, or more to remove any stains and odors. Professional carpet cleaners or carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets at least once per year.

Carpet material is affected by how often it’s cleaned. Carpets made out of natural fibers like cotton and wool can withstand deep cleanings more often than carpets made out of synthetic fibers. The cleaning process can actually prolong the life span of your carpet. This is because the soil, bacteria, and fungi in your carpet cause slowly degrading.

Deep cleaning carpets means removing deep embedded dirt, removing stains, and in some cases water. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that no water remains to cause damage to the carpet. There are many ways to clean your carpet well, including hot water extraction or steam cleaning. You have the option to clean your carpet yourself or hire a professional. Either you make your own carpet cleaning product, or you can use the commercial chemicals that you can buy at the shop. If you want to hot water extract your carpet, then you will need to hire one. This will allow to you to eliminate all the water.

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