While buying it in store, there are several ways to identify the true moldavite

Understanding the various varieties available is essential to understanding how to purchase moldavite. One of the most popular varieties for sale is moldavite. The crystal is in its raw form, unpolished and untouched. This kind of raw moldavite suits those who want to feel the power and energy that comes from crystals in their natural state. Raw moldavite can be found in different sizes and types and is usually sold unprocessed – helpful hints!

Moldavite which has been tumbled can also be purchased. Moldavite polished after it has been tumbled has a smooth and glossy surface. You can choose this if you are looking for moldavite with a more attractive appearance. Moldavite is available in different sizes, shapes and colors. It is usually sold as small pieces or in bags.

Moldavite is available in a variety of forms, including those that have been cut and polished. Moldavite that has been cut into a particular shape (such as a round or a heart) and then polished is another type. Moldavite cut and polished can be used by people who want to create a specific vibe. The moldavite in this category is sold either individually or as a set.

While selecting moldavite it is important to take into consideration the size as well as crystal quality. The moldavite should be bright green and free of any chips or fractures. You should choose a crystal size that is suitable to your body and type of energy.

The authenticity of the moldavite is important to keep in mind when purchasing it. You should only buy moldavite products from trusted sources, as there are many counterfeit moldavite items on the marketplace. Most reliable vendors will have a certification of authenticity, and they can tell you how good the quality is and where it came from.

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