Whispered Tales : The heartbeat of ESNC Perfumery Signature Scents

Each scent has a distinct story to tell in the vast world of perfumes for women get the facts. ESNC Perfumery’s bottles are more than just a mixture of aromatic notes. They represent a narrative, a feeling, a moment captured in liquid. Today we lift the veil to reveal the inspirations and stories that inspired some of ESNC’s most loved women’s fragrances.

Have you ever smelt ESNC’s “Parisian Promenade”? It’s an ode to a romantic evening stroll along Seine. Lila Dubois is the creator of the perfume. She was once a young woman in the City of Light. The fragrance echoes those fond memories. Paris is captured in the notes of lilacs and rain, with a hint of café au lait to pay homage to the vibrant cafe culture of the city.

“Desert Dream” is an enchanting blend which paints a picture of a starry evening amidst Saharan sand dunes. Ravi Menon’s inspiration for the scent came from a month-long trip across North Africa. The scent is a blend of sandalwood, myrrh with a whisper of oasis water.

Clara Rodriguez wrote “Orchard Bliss”, one of the most popular songs, in her childhood. Clara Rodriguez would spend many hours in the Spanish countryside soaking up the sun in orange and almond trees. This fragrance is bursting with orange and almond sweetness. It will wrap you in a warm embrace of sun-kissed afternoons spent beneath Spanish skies.

The appeal of “Moonlit Kyoto’s” dual nature lies in its duality. Like the city which inspired it, “Moonlit Kyoto” is serene and vibrant. Hana Sasaki created this design after a pilgrimage to ancient shrines. The blend of cherry blossoms and matcha, along with bamboo, fuses the tranquility of bamboo forests, with the energy of Kyoto’s streets.

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