Why is my icemaker not making ice or working properly? Troubleshooting tips

Some ice makers don’t function as efficiently as they should. If you want to complain about your icemaker, it is best that you understand its working before going into the store or factory where you purchased the refrigerator. If you want to learn more about How to reset LG refrigerator, please visit this page.

First, if your ice machine is not making enough or any ice then there may be an issue.

Check out how an ice maker functions

A 1/4″ line from the refrigerator is used to supply water for making ice. The water is delivered through this line into the refrigerator, which has a thermostat that controls its temperature. It runs through a filling device, and then to an automatic icemaker. Water is then frozen here.

When the water in the freezer freezes, the thermostat will turn off and the cooler temperature will be used to remove the ice easily from the ice mould. Turning on a motor will rotate the ejection arm, which pushes out the ice. This cycle will continue until all the ice dispensed has been collected. If the ice cannot be collected, an ice bail wire will rise to cut off the unit.

Follow these troubleshooting guidelines to identify the cause of your machine’s problem when it doesn’t make enough ice.

You can check this by checking the shut-off lever in your fridge. This arm must extend out towards the machine. It is important to note that if the arm of the machine is horizontal and not down, then the machine may be turned off. If you want to inspect this mechanism, it may be necessary for you to take out the ice bucket. Also, check your machine’s power switch.

Check to see if the freezer temperature has been set below 50oF. In that case, make sure to adjust your thermostat. For those who are unsure of their settings, a food thermometer can be placed in a freezer bowl filled with oil. It is not necessary to remove the bowl of cooking oil from the freezer, as it won’t freeze. However, if you wait more than 2 hours you will get more accurate results. In the event that your thermometer reading doesn’t correspond to the preset temperature of your freezer thermometer you will need adjust it.

To get to your water supply, unplug your fridge. You can stop the ice-maker by shutting off the supply valve. After removing the pipe from the valve turn on the water supply. To collect water, use a bucket.

Check the intake valve. If you have a flat-head screwdriver handy, use it to remove the inlet screens and then check for any particles that may be blocking water flow. Use cold water to flush out the line.

Check the tube that is above the ice-mold. Then, using heat such as the hair dryer or a heater to help melt it. Simple.

You should reconnect any disconnected wires before moving the refrigerator. The ice bucket should be replaced and you need to wait at least 24 hours before the icemaker starts working again.

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