You Can Save Money On Cosmetic Surgery

When you’re thinking about getting plastic surgery, finding an affordable surgeon shouldn’t be a top priority go here. It is better to look for doctors with a great reputation, irrespective of the cost. While it’s not a bad idea to try and save money, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the very best. Cosmetic procedures, of any kind, can be very expensive if your budget is limited. Here are a few tips to help you reduce the price.


Insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery that is done for vanity. Before you rule out the possibility, check with your provider. Certain procedures are covered in full or part under certain circumstances. A breast reduction may be desired solely based on your looks. The procedure may be covered if you show that a larger chest actually causes you physical problems. Ask your doctor for advice on the procedure you’d like to undergo. You might be surprised.

Pay up Front

If you are short on money but want to have a procedure of plastic surgery done immediately, you will have no other choice than to finance it. If you decide to wait and save the money, you will save a lot. Financed procedures may cost more than those that are financed. Some providers charge fees to the surgeon for financing. The clinic will likely pass on these fees to the patient. That means you could end up paying more than 20% for the procedure by financing.


A shady plastic surgeon south of border can be a costly mistake. But traveling isn’t out of question for those who want to cut costs. A doctor from Beverly Hills is likely to charge much higher rates than a physician in Sacramento. If you’re in an area with a high level of wealth, you may be better off finding a doctor from a more modest city. You should use your own judgment when you’re planning a major medical procedure.

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